General about seabuckthorn

European superfruit no 1.

Seabuckthorn is an exciting plant with a lot of beneficial and aromatic qualities for the food-, cosmetic and-pharmaceuticalindustri.

The plant is relatively unknown for many people despite that is has excisted since the iceage and grows wild in Europe.

The healthy oil from seabuckthorn contains more than 100 bioactive ingredients including healthy natural unsaturated fatty acids, as the rare palmitoleic acid, Omega 7, as the most prominent. But also Omega 3,6,9, antioxidnats, flavonoids, carotenoids and plantsterols is a part of this fantastic berry.

In the seabuckthon juice the content of vitamin c is very high and the juice also contains a lot of other vitamins and antioxindants.

From the seabuckthorn berry you can extract 2 different kind of oil. Seedoil that is golden to its colour with a lot of Omega 3 and omega 6, and the the red fruitoil from the flesh of the juice with high amount of Omega 7 and Omega 9. The rest of the fraction is shell and fruitpulp and is used as ground for juice, marmelade, ice cream, bakery etc.

The use of the seabuckthorn bush today is growing and becoming prominent. Today there is products as juices, marmelade, ice cream, chocolate, herring preserving, tea, cereal, cosmetic and dietary supplement.

The medcial use and science within seabuckthorn stretches from cardiac vessel, colesterol, cacer, radiation, antiinflammatory, eczema, dry mucous membranes, liver and wound healing. many scientific material has been published and all together this makes seabuckthorn to the hottest berry right now.