Seabuckthorn oil

Golden seabuckthornoil or red seabuckthornoil? Wrams Aromas provides seabuckthornoil both for medicin, food or cosmetic.


Seabuckthorn oil

From the seabuckthorn berry 2 oils are extracted; seabuckhtorn seedoil that is goldenbrown to the colour and the red fruitoil or pulpoil. Both oils has a wide range of use in food, cometic and pharmaceutical.

Seabuckthornoil has the highest amount of the rare and healthy fatty acid palmitoleic acid (Omega 7) in the plantworld. Its used for skintreatment and for dry mucous membranes all over the body.

The oils are extracted by pressing and with co2 extraction. No chemiclas are used.

Specification oils:


Fruitoil seabuckthorn


Saturated fat: 30 %
Mono unsaturated fat: 60%
Poly unsaturated fat: 7%

Omega 9: 29%
Omega 7: 31%
Omega 6: 5%
Omega 3: 2%

Vitamin E: 150mg/100g

Seedoil seabuckthorn


Saturated fat: 11%
Mono unsaturated fat: 26%
Poly unsaturated fat: 63%

Omega 9: 25%
Omega 7: 1%
Omega 6: 33%
Omega 3: 30%

Vitamin E: 150mg/100g


All of the oils are carefully analysed of pesticides, heavy metals, peroxide value and other hygien analysis. Together with fatty acids, carotenoids and vitamin E.