recipe seabuckthorn

Here You can find all kinds of recipe with seabuckthorn. Cakes, marmelades, panacotta etc.


Recipe seabuckthorn

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Trifle with seabuckthorn, coctail with seabuckthorn, seabuckthorn pickle, seabuckthornpudding, icecream with seabuckthorn, chocolate with seabuckthorn, seabuckthorn marmelade, jam with seabuckthorn, herring and seabuckthonr etc.


Chocolate cake with seabuckthorn

Ingrediens chocolate bottom:

1 dl cacao

2 dl sugar

2 dl milk

150 g butter

2 eggs

3 dl wheat flower

1 tbs powder coffee

1 teaspoon vanillapowder

1,5 tbs bakery powder

Do like this:

1. Put the oven at 175* C

2. Cook the cacao together with the milk and half of the sugar and all the powder coffee, Let it cool.

3. Whip the rest of the sugar together with the butter. Stir 1 egg at the time.

4. Mix the flower, vanilla powder and bakery powder. Turn it together with the whipped butter and turn it with the chocolatemix.

5. Put it in a buttered vessel with a loose edge of 25 cm diameter.

6. Bake it in the oven for 35-40 minutes.

Ingrediens Seabuckthorn cream:

2,5 dl pressed seabuckthornjuice

60 g eggyolk

70 g sugar

20 g corn starch

25 g butter

Do like this:

1, Whip the eggyolks, sugar and cornstach. Turn it down in the seabuckthornjuice.

2. Cook and stir and let it simmer a couple of minutes.

3. Take it away from the heat and mix the butter and strain it through a fine sieve. Let it cool.

Ingrediens glaze:

0,5 dl water

1 dl sugar

120 g chocolate

Do like this:

1. Cook a sugarsyrup of the water and sugar

2. Fineshop the chocolate and put in a pan.

3. Pore the hote sugarsyrup over the chocolate. Let it be for 1 minute and then mix it together to an even glaze.

Assemble the cake:

Cut the cake in 2 parts. Put the seabuckthorncrean on the cake. Finnish with paste the whole cake with the chocolateglaze.


Seabuckthornmarmelade 1. (ca 4 dl)


225 g seabuckthorn berries

225 g sugar with pectin

Do like this

1. Put the berries and sugar in a pot

2. Cook and let it stir for 3-5 minutes. Squash the berries with a fork.

3. Strain the fluid and squash the last of the berries.

4. Pore it in clean pots.


Seabuckthornmarmelade 2


660 g seabuckthornberries

1,5 dl water

390 g sugar with pectin

1 measuring spoon natriumbenzoate

Do like this

Wash the berries. Let it stream. Cook the berries and water for 5 minutes under lid. Mix the sugar and stir. Let it cook for 7 more minutes. Strain the berry. Mix natruíumbenzoate in some marmelade and stir the rest of the marmelade. Put it in clean pots. Put the lid on.


Bisque seabuckthorn

Ingredients: (25 pc)

Almond base:

2 eggwhites

200 g almond

200 g powder sugar

Buttercream with seabuckthorn

200 g seabuckthorn berries

0,5 dl sugar

1 tbs corn starch

200 g roomtemperature butter

2 dl powder sugar

1 egg yolk


200 g dark chocolate + few drops of vegetable oil

Do like this

Blanch and grind the almond. It should be 200 g after the grinding. whip the eggyolks to hard foam. Mix the almond and powdersugar proper and stir it to the eggyolks.

Roll the dough to balls and flatten on a baking sheetpaper.

Bake in 225 degrees C for 8-10 min.

Squash the berries with the sugar and strain the fluid. Squash with a spoon to get as much fluid as possible. Mix the fluid with the corn starch and cook to a cream. Let the cream coll completely.

Whip the butter and powder sugar. Flavour the cream and finally whip the eggyolks.

Portion the buttercream on the cooled cakebase. Put the cakes in the refrigerator for ca 30 min so that the buttercream cool down.

Melt the chocolate with a few drops of veg.oil. Dip the bisque in the chocolate and put them on grid so that the extra chocolate pour of.


Panacotta 1

Creamy and smooth panacotta with sweetacidic and fruity seabuckthonjelly ontop.


5 dl cream

1 vanilla pod

1 dl sugar

3 gelatin sheet

Seabuckthorn jelly

225 g seabuckthorn berry

1 dl sugar

2 gelatin sheet

Do like this

1. Put the gelatin sheet in water

2. Cut the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds. Put the seeds and vanilla pod in a pot.

3. Add whipped cream, sugar and let it cook and stir for a few minutes.

4. Put the pot aside and take away the vanilla pod.

5. Squeeze the gelatin sheet and stir it inton the cream. Portion in cups.

6. Put it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hour to let it set.

7. Put the other gelatin sheet in water for the berries.

8. Put the berries and sugar in a pot, cook and let it simmer for ca 5 minutes. Squash the berries with a fork to get most of the flavour.

9. Strain and squash the berries in a basin with a strainer. Squash.

10. Squeeze and mix the gelatin sheets into the juice. Let it coll and the portion into the cups.

11. Let i stand in the refrigerator for a at least 1 hour more. Garnish.


Panacotta 2 (6 portions)



4 dl cream

1 dl milk

1 vanilla pod

1 dl sugar

3 gelatin sheets

Ingredients Seabuckthornjelly:

225 g seabuckthorn berries

1 dl sugar

2 gelatin sheets

Do like this

1. Begin with the panacotta:Put the gelatin sheets an water for 10 min. Cut the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds. Put vanilla, sugar, milk and cream in a pot. Heat it and let it simmer for a few minutes.

2. Put the pot aside and add the gelatin. Stir proper and let it cool. Put it in cups and keep it in a refrigerator for a couple of hours. Let it stiffen before You decorate.

3. Seabuckthornjelly; Put the gelatinsheets in water. Cook the berries with the sugar. Squash the berries and let it pass through a strainer. Cook again and melt the gelatinsheets. Mix it let it cool for some minutes. Portion the panacotta let it cool in a refrigerator.


Cheesecake Seabuckthorn 1



15 pc Digestive crackers

75 g butter


4 gelatin sheet

2 eggyolks

400 g Philadelphiacheese

2 dl creme fraiche

1,5 dl sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanillapowder

1 lemon, teared shell and juice


2 gelatin sheets

0,5 dl sugar

4 dl seabuckthornberries

Do like this

1. Melt the butter and crush the crackers and mix it with the butter.

2. Put baking sheet paper in a casserole with a loose bottom. Allocate the crackers in the bottom. Put it in the refrigerator.

3. Put the gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 min.

4. divide the eggs into yolks and whites.

5. Mix the yolks and cheese, creme fraiche, sugar and vanilla and lemonshell to a smooth mixture.

6. Whip the eggwhites to a hard foam and turn it into the mixture.

7. Heat the lemonjuice in a pot. Let it cool.

8. Squeeze the gelatinsheets and let them melt in the juice. Let it cool little before adding it into the cheesemxture and stir.

9. Put the gelatinsheets into the seabuckthornjelly for at least 5 min.

10. Cook the berries and sugar for 5 minutes and squash with a fork.

11. Strain the berries.

12. Squeeze the gealtinsheets and let it melt in the seabuckthornjuice.

13. Let it cool and then put the mixture over the cake.

14. Let the cake cool in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour before serving.


Cheesecake 2 (10 port)


1 dl sugar

1 dl water

225 g seaabuckthorn berries

1 tbs corn starch

1 tbs water

2 tbs sugar to the raw seabuckthorn berries


75 g butter

200 g Digestive crackers

Fine shell of lemon

2 tbs lemonjuice


600 g bag cheese

2,5 dl cottage cheese 1 %

2 dl sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1,5 teaspoon vanillasugar

2 tbs corn starch

4 eggs

Do like this

1. Put the oven in 200 degrees C

2. Cook sugar and water. Add 2/3 of the berries. Save the rest for garnish. Stir the cornstarch in the water and then into a pot. Let it cook for 2 min. 

3. Take it aside mix it in a foodprocessor. Pass through a sieve. Let it cool. Put it in a refrigerator and stir once a while.

4. Base: Melt the butter. Mix the crackers in a foodprocessor. Mix the butter, lemonshell and juice.

5. Squeeze the mixture onto a casserole with loose bottom(ca 25 cm diameter). Level out.

6. Filling: Whip the bag cheese, cottage cheese, sugar, salt, vanillasugar and cornstarch. Add the eggs, one by one, and whip to all have been mixed proper.

7. Pour ca 4,5 dl of the filling over the bottom. Curl the 0,5 dl of the jelly. Repeat 2 times.

8. Put it into the oven and lower the heat to 125 degrees C, Bake for 1,5 hour. 

9. Let the cake cool down in roomtemperature. Cover with tin foil. and put it in the refrigerator. 

10. Stir the rest of the berries with sugar and garnish.


Seabuckthorn and orangemarmelade:


2 jars

225 g seabuckthorn berries

1 orange

1 carrot

2 dl sugar

2 tbs whiskey

Do like this

1. Cut the orange thin and in slices. Grate the carrot.

2. Mix the seabuckthorn, ornage, carrot and sugar in a pot and let it cokk for 1 hour. Add the whiskey.

3. Put the marmelad in clean jar.


Duckbreast with seabuckthorn

4 portions


2 large duckbreast a 300 g

2 endives

1 dl seabcukthorn berries

4 dl calf fund

1 dl raw sugar

1 dl white wine

2 twigs thyme



Do like this:

1. Cut the duck on the skinnyside and roast it crispy in a medium hot pan.

2. Roast the duck in the oven for 125 degrees C to an innertemperture of 56 degrees C.

3. Divide the endives and fry them in large amount of butter on the cuttingside.

4. Pour the raw sugar in the pan with the endives and let it be carmelised.

5. Add the whine and calf fund and the thyme.

6. Braise until the endives is getting soft. Add seabuckthorn and let it cook until the endives is soft.

7. Pick the endives and reduce the sauce.

8. Taste the sauce with salt and perhaps some sugar.

9. Put the endives back and serve.


Marinated salmon with seabuckthorn.


1 kg salmon with skin(frozen for 3 days)

1,5 dl seabukthorn berries

0,5 dl sugar

0,5 dl salt

1/2 teaspoon grind white pepper

Do like this

1. Unfreeze the salmon. Pass the seabuckthorn berries through a strainer amnd messure 1,5 dl. Stir the juice with sugar and add salt and pepper. Put the mixture in dubbla plastic bags with the salmon.

2. Extract the air and make a knot. Put the salmon in the refrigerator for 3 days. Turn the salmon every day.

3. Cut the salmon in thin slices before serving.


Herring with seabuckthorn 


200 g herring

1 carrot in shred

1 silveronion in shred

0,5 dl seabuckthorn berries

4 bay leaf

1 stalk of lemongrass in slices


2 dl vinegar 12 %

6 dl water

4 dl sugar

2 cinnamon stick

4 bay leafs

10 white pepper corn

8 whole dried clove

10 coriander seeds

4 carrots sliced

2 silveronions sliced

Do like this

1. Cut the herring and vegetables in slices

2. Layer the herring and seabuckthorn, vegetables and spices in cans.

3. Strain and pour the pickle. Put in refrigerator for 2 days.


Creme caramel with seabuckthorn(6 pers)


1,5 dl sugar + 0,5 dl sugar

3 tbs water + 1,5 tbs water

1 dl vanilla pod

5 dl milk

3 eggs

1 eggyolk


2 dl seabuckthornberries

1 dl powder sugar

Do like this

1. Put the oven to 150 degrees C. Put a roatsing pan in the oven together with hot water.

2. Mix 1,5 dl sugar and 3 tbs water in a pot. Cook to golden caramel. Take away the pot and add 1,5 tbs water. Pour the caramel in 6 ovensafe cups a 1,5 dl.

3. Cut the vanilla. Scrape the seeds. Cook the vanillapod and seeds and milk. Mix egg, yolk and 0,5 dl sugar. Whip easy. Add the hot milk, little a time under constant whip. Strain the mixture.

4. Put the mixture in the cups. Bake in the center of the oven for 45-50 min in waterbath and 25-30 min for the eggs in a salty bed. The mixture is ready when it just has stiffened. Let it cool and put in refrigerator.

5. Unfreeze the seabuckthorn and mix together with sugar in a pan. Pass the mixture through a fine siever.

6. Cut the creme caramel with a sharp knife on the edge. Turn them to plates. Serve with the seabuckthorn sauce.


Mulled wine with seabuckthorn and dried cranberries 1 l